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> What can promoters, talent buyers, and event coordinators do on Muzaic?
  • Post an unlimited amount of gig opportunities
  • Get recommendations on the best performers that match your show's criteria
  • Streamline all communications related to booking an artist
  • See all activity related to the booking process in a personalized newsfeed
  • See a history of communications you've had with artists
  • Search for artists based on type, genre, location, and compensation
  • Add artists to your favorites list
  • Maintain personal notes about artists that you’ve communicated with
  • Get notified about important activity such as confirmations or cancellations
  • See updates on all your shows in a simple to use dashboard
  • Share your gig opportunities on social media
  • Maintain an at-a-glance calendar about show dates and deadlines
> What can performers, bands, and solo artists do on Muzaic?
  • Create an online profile with your bio, photos, videos, and tour schedule
  • Respond to booking inquiries from promoters and talent buyers looking for acts like yours
  • Get recommendations on gigs tailored to you/ your band or group
  • Respond to opportunities with your Muzaic profile
  • Share your press kit file on your profile
  • See a history of communications you’ve had with promoters
  • See all your profile activity in a personalized newsfeed
  • Search for gigs by keywords, distance, genre and venue type
  • Maintain your band’s availability schedule and at-a-glance calendar
  • Get reminders about deadline to apply dates, and other important communications 
> What does the hand gesture in your logo mean?
  • I love you
> What size venues does Muzaic work with?
  • Our service is designed to be used by the local coffee shop to venues of up to 2,500 person capacity, corporate and private events, and everywhere in between that will benefit from having a toolset for booking talent and managing key aspects of your event.
> Can I promote my shows using Muzaic?
  • There’s a lot of demand for getting help doing show promotions, and it’s definitely something we’re considering as an add-on service. Stay tuned!
> Does Muzaic offer ticketing for shows that I’ve created?
  • We’re exploring partnerships with ticketing vendors with the goal of creating a service that is seamlessly integrated with our product. For now, you can use your preferred ticketing vendor and add a link to the ticket in the show posting. This link will be shared with all your confirmed artists so you can team up on promoting ticket sales.
> Will Muzaic ever start charging artists to use it?
  • Our promise is that we won’t charge you to have a profile page or to get a gig. Would you ever pay to send your resume to a hiring manager for a job? That just sounds absurd.
> Does Muzaic notify me if a show is created that's right for me or my band?
  • Yes, indeed. You’ll get recommendations, inquiries from promoters, and emails about shows that meet your search criteria.
> Will Muzaic allow me to contact a promoter directly?
  • You’ll be able to contact people that are interested in you or your act. We share contact info with both parties at the appropriate stage of the booking process.
> Can fans follow me on Muzaic?
  • Muzaic is designed for people in the live entertainment industry. Today, our focus is to create a great system for managing what you do as a business. But we’re also ready to go where ever you want to go. Let us know!
> How does GigBoss stay so young looking?
  • Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears. - John Lennon